Friday, November 11, 2011

Orientation Programmes

An Orientation Programme is planned at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, on 15th November. And another Orientation Programme is being organized on 18th November at Baddy, Himachal Pradesh. As part of the scheme, we plan to organize at least one orientation programme in each of the states. We have already organized elevan such orientation programmes  in various major cities covering different states.

Orientation Programme forms important component of the awareness and promotional activity of the scheme. The scheme, as it has three different components, need to be explained in detail. The need for such platform for interaction and discussion with all the stakeholders of the scheme was thus realized in the beginning of the scheme implementation. The Orientation Programme thus offers us an opportunity to explain in detail the scheme and its implementation process to its various stakeholders that is industry associations, government organizations working with MSMEs, Educational Institutes, designers and interested MSME units from the state/s. The programme is thus developed such that offers platform for discussion and interactions to address specific inquiries from these stakeholders.

As we have now completed many seminars, workshops and design projects under the scheme, the outcomes of these workshops and design projects forms important case studies of the benefits of design for these industries. The first showcase design exhibition and seminar was organized on 29th June 2011 at NID, Ahmedabad as part of the World Industrial Design Day Celebration. Second such Showcase Design Exhibition and seminar was organized at Delhi.  Since then the exhibition is now combined with the orientation programme, thus making it more effective in explaining the importance and benefits of design to the MSME units.

With the view to take the scheme to the needy MSME units across the country, NID has tied up with various industry associations and apex bodies, both at the state level as well as at the national level. For organizing these orientation programmes, NID is thus partnering with these apex bodies. Thus the orientation programme at Bhopal is organized with the support of Federation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,FISME, New Delhi and M.P. Laghu Udhyog Sangh, MPLUS, while the orientation programme at Baddy on 18th November is organized with the support of Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Industries Asociation, BBNIA, a local industry association from Baddi.
The orientation programmes thus helps us connect with all the various stakeholders of the scheme. Discussion and interaction during the programme, while help develop that much needed confidence amongst the stakeholders, it provides platform to develop and build relationship with the implementation team as well as amongst the local industry associations and local designers, one of the important objective of the scheme.