Thursday, January 24, 2013

Status of the Scheme...

As we are completing three years of the implementation of the Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs, the team has put together its achievements in the form of a short presentation. (as a status of the scheme as on 1st November 2012). The objective being to learn from the experiences and refine the formats and guidelines to further improve the effectiveness of its implementation. 

With the successful completion of organisation of 18 Orientation Programmes in different parts of the country and 200 Design Awareness seminars across the country, the ministry of MSMEs, government of India, in its last PMAC meeting, entrusted us with the responsibility of organising another 25 Orientation programmes and 200 Design Awareness seminars to reach out to more such MSME industries.

As a gist of the presentation, few of the selected slides described below, highlights the achievements of the scheme.

The Scheme targets to reach out to 200 MSME industry clusters with the broad objective to create a Sustainable design eco-system for MSMEs
With over 1000 Design consultants/ Design firms/ Design Students / Design Institutes and over 800 MSME units and MSME associations registered with the scheme, the Scheme Website provides effective platform for sharing information and experiences  

18 Orientation programmes organised in different parts of the country helped us explain the details of the scheme to its various stakeholders, thereby forming the first step to take the scheme and its benefits to the needy MSME units

200 Design Awareness Seminars organised over the last two and half years for different sectors of MSMEs  helped explain the benefits of design to the MSME units. 

Design Awareness programme, the unique component of the Design Clinic Scheme, helps bring the designers to the doorsteps of the industry to explain the benefits of design, discuss and identify various opportunities for improvement to then explore remedial solutions.

Design Projects, one of the core components of the Scheme helps demonstrate the capability of design through hand holding support for the MSME units to realise and take the design proposal/s up to prototype level

With the objective to create an effective industry - academia linkage, the scheme supports student design projects. Thereby providing opportunities for the design students to explore and develop their interests to work with this critical sector of Indian industry.  And it helps MSMS units to explore the benefits of design at minimum risks and investments.
With the core objective to help Indian MSMEs  to sustain and survive in todays competitive markets and importantly help move up the value chain to develop their own designs and products, the success achieved so far and  the response received from all the stakeholders of the scheme, encourage the implementation team to  work more vigorously to achieve the set target. We are sure with the target of 400 design projects completed, their results will help us establish the need for design for this critical sector of Indian economy.