Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Design Clinic Scheme gets appreciated..

The Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs, as a national level scheme is constantly assessed and evaluated by various agencies in the country. Here are the excerpts from two such evaluation study reports….   

"Despite the immense handicap of prevailing low level of performance amongst MSME’s, under which the scheme was introduced, it has been singularly successful in meeting most of its objectives. More importantly the purpose, the larger objective and focus have been met and it has established itself as a credible initiative that has won a buy-in of the MSMEs."

"Despite being in operation for less than three years, an examination of the achievements of the scheme is encouraging, not only in terms of numbers, but also in the context of changing the mindsets."

"During the survey. Almost every person contacted, who had attended a seminar or a workshop, unequivocally wanted to use design in his / her products." 

"The scheme has provided an excellent platform for the interaction between designers and MSMEs. In earlier times there was a perception that design intervention is meant for only the MNCs and big Indian companies. This myth has been dispelled to a large extent through the scheme and now a large number of MSMEs have used the services of design experts. What is heartening is that a large number of MSMEs have registered themselves on the Design Clinic Scheme website of NID with their specific design related problems."

"The scheme has been successful in increasing the competitiveness of MSMEs both in Micro and Medium Enterprises."

"Overwhelmingly the MSMEs wanted to use the scheme to work on more projects and get additional funding realizing the benefits accrued."

"The scheme and its components have successfully delivered the objectives set out for the scheme while its delivery has been responsive to stakeholder needs and have progressively clarified and simplified procedures, formats, reports etc."

"The Nodal Agency has met all the facets enunciated by the Scheme and even mentored the same."

"Looking at the close coordination and constatnt hand holding that these Regional Centres have been doing it is obvious (and when substantiated by the response of a substantial number of beneficiaries / stakeholders), the actual implementation of the Design Clinic Scheme has been undertaken by them. During the survey and detailed meetings with beneficiaries / stakeholders, the important role of the Centres vis -a - vis the Coordinators as being the real single point of contact for the scheme were reinforced. With the manpower needs being supplemented through field executives under the overall supervision of the Cooridnators the real impetus happened. In other words the regional centres / coordinators evolved to become decentralised nodal agnecies in themselves."

-       Evaluation Study of Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise for MSME sector, for Ministry of MSMEs, Govt. of India, conducted by the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, NIESBUD, Delhi

"The scheme has initiated revolutionary outcomes for the MSMEs by developing an industry – academic – government scheme model, making the MSMEs more sensitized towards design competitiveness and developing solutions for the cluster specific problems...

...The designers registered with the scheme makes it the biggest virtual database of designers in India making it a win – win model for all the stakeholders involved."

-       Shifting the Paradigm; mapping the Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem for MSME. To understand the innovation ecosystem, the study focused on government schemes and impact funds in India. The study was carried out by GIZ India, CII and CII –ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development.  

The scheme has so far successfully completed 261 Dsign Awareness Seminars, 157 Design Awarness programmes (workshops), received 262 professional design project proposals and 137 student design project proposals.