Sunday, February 15, 2015

design blossoms...

The e-book titled  'design blossoms...; Young Designers' Strategic Design Vision for MSMEs' has recently been launched. The e-book is the compilation of 51 student design project outcomes, the outcomes of final year thesis projects supported through the scheme. 
The Director, NID and Chairman, PIC, Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs, along with the team members launching the book at west zone office, Ahmedabad
The ambitious design clinic scheme for MSMEs  provides opportunity for the MSMEs to explore design through student design projects. The scheme reimburses 75% ( maximum up to Rs.1.5 L) of the expenditure for the final year thesis /diploma projects for the young designers.

Over 55 design and engineering institutes have registered with the scheme and till  date 100 student design projects have been financially supported. 78 of these projects have already been completed while remaining projects are at various stages of their completion. These projects while, offering opportunities for the MSMEs to explore design with lower financial investments ( 25% with maximum up to Rs.50,000.00), they also offer the much needed opportunity for the young designer and engineers to work with MSMEs on live project and prove their capabilities.

The e-book lists salient features of the selected 51 project outcomes. Detailed project documents of these projects are uploaded on the scheme website. The students designers have worked in the sectors ranging from health, safety and security; agricultural equipment; auto components; machinery; handicrafts; garments etc. While some of these project court comes have already been launched, other projects are in the process of their further developments.

The project 'Design of Electric Chimney and Solar LED Street Light to Drive The Economy of Reuse'' by the student designers Anand Karelia & Nitish Maurya, for the MSME unit Epsilon Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Gandhinagar, Gujarat has been listed for i-design award. Another project
titled 'Low Cost Sanitary Napkin Making Machine' by the student designer Surbhit Arora of ITM university, Gurgaon, won 1st prize during the national seminar on "Rural Entrepreneurship: Tapping the Grassroot Innovation in Micro Enterprise"

The e-book is available on the scheme website and can be viewed at